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College Dance

University of San Diego Casino Night 2011

The second of two amazing events at the University of San Diego took place on Monday, August 29th inside of Forums as they hosted a Casino Night. One side of the Forums was transformed into a casino and the other side was transformed into a night club. We brought in an intelligent lighting truss system along with our custom LED DJ Facade. There were over 950 incoming Freshmen in attendance, many of them dressed up to fit the “When I Grow Up” theme. There were doctors, nurses, firemen, princesses, Sumo wrestlers, and many other crazy outfits and I even got into the spirit by dressing up as a doctor! The crowd was so energetic and the floor stayed packed the whole night dancing to the mix of Top 40, Hip Hop, Electro, Throwbacks and even some Latin music. We had such an amazing time for our second year in a row at USD and we want to thank Michael, Melissa and the rest of the students who put all of this together as well as the incoming Freshmen in attendance. We can’t wait to return next year and please enjoy the special highlight video below as well as a few photos we snapped at the event.

University of San Diego Carnival 2011

It was our second year in a row being a part of the University of San Diego‘s Torero Days Freshman Orientation celebrations. The first event was held on August 27, 2011 outside of the Forums on the campus of USD and featured all types of carnival activities and other vendors. We were set up on the main stage playing the best in Top 40, Hip Hop, Electro and Throwbacks for a packed crowd who came out to do nothing but dance. Along with DJ Dev and Joey Mac, we kept the energy going and hopefully did our part to welcome the incoming Toreros to the University of San Diego! Please enjoy the special video below as well as a few candid photos we snapped during the event!

Alpha Epsilon Phi Party

What a busy weekend! Saturday night was the party for Alpha Epsilon Phi and I had the pleasure of being their DJ and MC. It was held at the Hilton Garden Inn and I played a variety of music from Top 40, Electro, House and some throwbacks. The guests were so much fun and thanks to Amber Brown and AEP for everything! Enjoy the highlight video below! – DJ Dev

University of San Diego Casino Night 2010

Monday night was the grand finale and dance for the University of San Diego‘s Torero Days Freshman Orientation Week. This time the dance was held inside of the Hahn Building and in one side of the hall they had a casino set up and we were set up on the other. The theme for the party was “Superheroes” and everyone came dressed in their best superhero costumes. Once the dance got started, it took no time at all for the bass from our speakers to do something that no DJ company had ever done before…we knocked five of the hall’s light fixtures out of their holes. The dance floor stayed packed the entire night and I played a nice mix of Hip Hop, Pop, Electro, and some Throwbacks. On behalf of myself, Dev and Joe we had an absolute blast being part of USD’s celebration over the past few days. We ended the evening with some pop throwbacks and I continued the playing more classics for The Squad that was cleaning up after the dance. It ended up causing an impromptu singing and dancing circle (see video below). It was the perfect way to cap off a great night. We are looking forward to a long-standing relationship with the university with many more exciting events to come. Special thanks go out to Melissa and Cole and the rest of the organizers there who were so easy to work with and made us feel at home…

And we hope you guys got those lights fixed… 🙂

University of San Diego Carnival 2010

I got the opportunity to be a part of the University of San Diego‘s Torero Days Freshman Orientation Week and the two major events they had planned at the beginning of the school year. The first event (The Carnival) was in front of the Hahn Building on campus. The road in front of the building was blocked off and Party Pals provided blow up slides and moon bounces. Next to my stage was a Rock Band and Wii station set up by the school. I brought along DJ Dev and Joe McDonald to help with set up, which consisted of 20 feet of truss, four American DJ Comscan lights, one Revo Rave 4 light and four JBL PRX 525 speakers. Once the students began arriving, they quickly filled up the dance floor area as well as partaking in the other activities provided for them. I played a variety of dance music and in no time at all, a dance cipher began forming on the floor. Dev and Joe did a great job of helping to keep the energy going and with the two of them being amazing dancers, they helped to create a fun environment on the dance floor. Up next is the grand finale event, the big dance on Monday night. I can’t wait to return to USD, I had an amazing time!